East Downtown Restaurants & Bars


  The Emporium (by dUm)

  The Emporium is a dingy bar, located in the cellar underneath a firebombed bank in Downtown. Barely any light makes it out of the tiny, grime covered windows, and while this guarantees a level of secrecy, it does not help the bar from feeling seedier than seedy. The bar is small, with an inadequate amount of seating for the regulars, yet alone any guests, with an ageing jukebox sitting in one corner slurring twenty year old tunes at half speed.
  Leigh, the owner and sole bartender, is mashed out of his skull most of the time, and never bothers to clean the place up resulting in a layer of smashed glasses, beer mats, spilt beer, blood and vomit covering the floor. Leigh only serves one kind of drink, Beer, and even then, only one brand, which he simply calls 'beer'.