North Downtown Restaurants & Bars



  The Robo-Burger franchise is exactly like many others of it's kind, a completely unmanned fast-food takeout joint that allow customers to order food to go from the phone, through SLA-Net or in person talking into the drive-thru speaker system to the computer system inside the unit.  The computer is linked to an robotic chef unit that makes and distributes a line of bland burger and fries product. The food here is about as tasty and nutritious as the styrofoam packaging it comes in.  All Robo-Burger units have the same basic menu, a small, kids burger fries & drink, a standard burger fries & drink and the Jumbo burger fries & drink.

  The unit is totally self contained, and when it is serviced or re-stocked, the front paneling swings open, allowing access to the cramped storage area and mechanics inside. The computer inside alerts the central HQ of it's needs and a re-supply truck shows up within hours to bring more burgers, fries and other foodstuffs.

  The Last Bullet Bar (by dUm)

  The Last Bullet Bar is a dingy bar in the underbelly of the Downtown sector known as the Free Zone, set amidst the most subversively active section of the city. The bar, owned by one Elliot Sinclair, a retired SLA Militia and survivor of the Dogfish Uprising on Dante, runs a tight ship.
  The bar is to Downtown what the Red Tong Clan is to Orienta. This is the place where the best freelancers in Mort gather, providing themselves a support network that even SLA Industries cannot match. Elliot acts as liaison for most of the missions offered up for the patrons, taking a small cut but ensuring that his regulars, his family so to speak, get the support they need.
  In the past, Darknight and Thresher field reps have been doing the majority of the hiring, though Elliot has banned both organizations from recruiting recently to prevent the possibility of friends being forced to shoot at one another. The number of job offers hasnít slacked off, though.
  A wide variety of independent intelligence and security firms, from Banshee to Initiative Wetworks, have been hiring constantly in order to take up the slack. Armsí dealing is also a major business in the bar. A retired operative, going by the name of Big Bad, seems able to obtain virtually any weapon system made on the face of the planet.