North Downtown Nightclubs


  Chubb Cereal Co. (by dUm)

  The Chubb Cereal Co. was founded in 788 SD, and was finally put out of business in the mid 980s thanks to the instability on the SLA shocks, shares and bonds market... The factory lay empty and dormant for some time, but recently, a rich, young and genius entrepreneur by the name of Richie Tallard bought the warehouse and converted it into what is now one of the hottest nightclubs in Mort City.
  Changing its theme as fads come and go, Chubb Cereal Co. (known as 3C to its patrons) has remained on the cutting edge of the music scene, pulling in seemingly obscure but excellent bands in from across the World of Progress.

  Neon Twilight (by dUm)

  This nightclub is situated in the heart of the Upper Downtown district of Sector 19, in a three-story standalone building. It's pressed close to its neighbors, with very narrow alleys encircling it.
  Large guards stand outside the front door and fire exits. Lets just say that sneaking into this place without paying the 30 uni cover charge is not the smartest thing for one's health.
  The owner of the place is one Zian Westward, known to be a wealthy student at Meny's Dark Lament faculty. Although this club has come under the scrutiny of the local crime syndicates and gangs, for some reason the scum of the underworld leave the Neon Twilight alone.
  Inside the door there is a foyer slickly clad in jazzy black and white marble, with two attractive female Brain Wasters waiting to take your money.
  The foyer is wired up with the latest weaponry detectors, and anyone possessing offensive Karma implants is not permitted to enter. No guns, of any persuasion (not even CAF), are allowed to be brought into the club, except by the security staff.
  The interior of the club is one vast space, with bars filling all the side walls.  The walls above the bars are a dark mahogany color, giving the place the feeling of being a formal dining room rather than a nightclub. The whole area is filled with low tables and chairs of all kinds, from overstuffed armchairs to the height of modern chic in furniture. Movable folding screens partially shelter some sitting areas, but all afford a good view of the stage, which is a circular platform hanging from the roof, sitting about 2 meters off the ground. The stage is directly in the centre of the room and has no back, so all performances are 'in the round'.  Many walls and screens have what look like turned-off neon lights over them, in a variety of patterns and logos.  Upon the stage performs nightly one of three bands, although many patrons seem uninterested in the performance.
  The club crawls with security guards, who make their presence felt. The guards are as a rule highly professional, and well-trained and equipped.  They are unfailingly polite, which many take as a sign of weakness.  Wrong, however - these guards will not hesitate to act to protect the club and club clientele. They are fast and strong, and more than one ex-operative has found a job here.
  In contrast with the cozy 'drawing-room' atmosphere, the music played by the bands tends to be loud and fast. The house band, The Neon Penguins, plays fast techno-rock, Blue Morning plays tribally-influenced melodies, while Internal Diva plays "orchestral rock", as their publicity describes it.

GM Stuff
  When they say Zian is wealthy, they mean wealthy. This ebon wannabe operative has used her fathers money wisely and owns the Neon Twilight, two other popular nightclubs in Upper Downtown. Her father is a successful operative, who now works for Dark Lament.  Large numbers of ebons, brain wasters, and even Necanthropes attend this club on a regular basis - the reason for the crime syndicates' shyness.  No-one really wants to mess with the favourite club of some real scary Necs do they?
  The reason so many patrons aren't paying attention is because they're all fluxing, soaking up the Ebb vibes from the performance. The turned-off neon lights are actually filled with some sort of Flux-active bacterial liquid that glows like a real neon in the White. Some of the signs even have miles of looped tubing with valves - the backstage boys can control the valves to route the fluid any way they want to make Glyph writing appear to the ebb sensitive.