North Downtown Miscellaneous


  The Arboretum (by dUm)

  The Arboretum is an ancient decaying structure, with filthy glass and dying plants and sick wildlife. It is surprising that people still visit this place and pay the 5 uni entry fee.  The real reason that people visit, other than for a break in the monotony of TV, is the shop where the arboretum excels.  Run by a former Karma geneticist, it sells bio-engineered plant strains that oxidize the air and therefore make homes in Downtown more pleasant to live in.  So far, no-one has noticed that the plants barely live a month and that they must return to buy another.

  Bench-Press (by dUm)

  This body building gym, just south of the Downotwn gorgeous Arboritum, is a favorite among the less-educated
crowd.  Owned by the manager of the energy-juice bar next door, the Bench-Press is the official HQ of the
Conans Contract Circuit club. Packed with Karma enhanced muscles, bad accents, and per-oxide blonde
girlfriends, the killers hanging out here can occasionally be hired as screen fodder for GoreZone exclusives.

  Corp Costumes (by dUm)

  Corp Costumes is a misleading name for this store, since no corporate employee has ever shopped here, and it doesn't sell costumes. This store is in reality, an armor stock list, offering custom formed armor to the gangs and monarchs. Visits are by arrangement only, for its owner will only work in secrecy, molded and shaping armor to an individuals form, meaning no rubbing straps, no chaffing and no missed and therefore unprotected spots.

  The F.A.K.K. Café (by Mr)

  A basic cafe chain found all over the W.O.P. that is no frills as far as 'spiked' products go. The food & drink is mostly of the 'industry standard' quality level & price. Many a bedraggled band of operatives have been known to sit out of the rain at these cafes.
  Honest Bob's Surplus Store (by dUm)

  Honest Bob has his main office in Downtowns' Free Zone, where he can conduct his business pretty much with impunity.  While Honest Bob's warehouse appears to be the dilapidated facility of a company barely squeezing by, it's appearance is quite deceiving. Behind the corrugated tin panels lie walls of layered reinforced concrete and stainless steel plating, designed to stop even the blast of a medium war world weapon. The structure supports a single vehicle bay door through which all egress is made, by vehicle or foot.  What he sells, he identifies by the rather deceptive term of ‘surplus security systems’.  What he actually sells are weapons. Big and small, new and used, personal and military.  Whatever weapons you may wish to buy, he can easily supply. Bob has supplied a significant amount of material to the various gangs of Downtown.

  Inflata-Chest Lingerie (by dUm)

  Peach marble floors are the only attempt at class made by this shop.  Flimsy bits of lace and polyester are passed off as clothing or underclothing, and given a hefty price tag.  Ultra-thin mannequins model the store's best selling item: the Inflata-Chest WonderWow Bra.

  Little Johnny Childcare (by dUm)

  For the average family living in Downtown or Suburbia, childcare is a nightmare. Some sectors run a community centre where parents can drop there kids off before going to work, while other sectors have organized nursery's and schools. Some parents are even lucky enough to have childcare provided by their employers. however, for the majority of Downtowners, there is no option other than leaving the children at home sat in front of the TeeVee. Little Johnny Childcare opened its doors to the public 13 years ago, and in that time, its profits have pushed it into the top 500 companies operating in Downtown. The company moves into a sector, buying up large abandoned warehouse complexes and converts them into school buildings and dormitories. It then allows parents to bring their children, at any age, and leave them with the trained staff until the children are ready to join the mass of inhabitants in Downtown.  Of course this privilege costs the parents a substantial fee during the course of the child’s life, but, thanks to the guaranteed education, exercise and healthy diet, which are three things most families cannot provide, many choose to utilize the company.  SLA Industries themselves watch this company carefully, for they fear that the education could be used by terrorist groups such as Darknight, to subjugate the impressionable minds of children.

  Liquor Town (by dUm)

  Liquor Town is a huge discount liquor store. This is the kind of up market place rarely found in Downtown with shopping carts so you can load up on what you want. Chances are if it's alcoholic and legal to sell it, this place will have it.  The shop is brightly lit, with modern music playing loudly, and the shop is open all the time. Most brands of liquor are about ten percent cheaper then anywhere else in Downtown due to volume buying.

  Mac'Fray's Tavern (by dUm)

  Mac'Fray's Tavern is more of a gambling hall than a bar, and is run by an Orientan Frother who has absolutely no gambling ability whatsoever.  Once the owner even lost the deeds to the bar during a game of poker but the winner was kind enough to give it back in exchange for a life time supply of beer. The mood is generally cheerful and laid back and both the patrons and owner will go to great lengths to defuse adverse situations before they happen.

  Pine Hill Comics (by dUm)

  This comic and collectibles shop sits on the corner of 9th Street and Pine Hill in the Upper Downtown sector 19. Its a pretty small store, but is packed full, almost to the point where movement between the shelves is dangerous.  It carries an amazing collection of comics, tri-dee's, curiosities, the latest releases and rare imports.
  Most shoppers would assume that the store is only a comic shop. However, the upstairs of this building is an Orientan weapon imports store.  Clients are strictly by invitation only and security is lethally efficient.

  Razor's Edge (by dUm)

  Eddie Yong was an Orientan SLA operative, working undercover within the new Komun'go gang trying to muscle in on the Johanna's turf when he took a few bullets to the spine... While Karma implants helped rebuild most of his body, his operative days were over, and rather than do a desk job, Eddie choose early retirement. He used some of his undercover contacts and money to open a little store in Downtown and behold, the Razor's Edge was born.
  Razor's Edge is a pawn shop that specializes in jewelry, although they will buy and sell just about anything else. Open 24 hours a day, they’re sandwiched in between a whore house and a rough biker's bar, but still manage to do brisk business. Eddie won't buy obviously 'hot' stuff, but he won’t ask a lot of questions when he does purchase goods. Don't think about ripping Eddie off though, for he still has connections with the Komun'go gang.

  The Shack (by dUm)

  While it maybe difficult to buy illegal weapons in Downtown, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get the spare parts necessary to build them. The Shack is a large warehouse, run by Prez Bogart, a smooth talker ex-Fen salesman. Prez is constantly on the watch for the big corporations dumping rejected parts and old models.  The warehouse that The Shack occupies is filled with virtually every mechanical part known to man, ranging from the radiator cap for a Augustus all the way to a War World Orbital Laser's focusing crystal.  One thing the Shack does not have is the schematics necessary to use any of these parts, although Prez can provide useful information on where you can find someone who has them.

  The Silencers (by dUm)

  The name says it all really... these people will silence anyone for a price. Although silence does not always mean kill... it can mean something much, much worse...
  These men and women in the company, often regarded as assassins or bounty hunters, call themselves 'Censors' and are nothing more than humans and ebons.  The ebons use their powers to rob people of the ability to speak, or communicate in any fashion while the humans generally do the dirty work, such as ripping out tongues or in extreme cases, murder.

  Spock's Clothing Department (by dUm)

  Spock's would like to think they are Shatner's biggest rival, and although they have almost as many stores, they are not as popular. Neutral carpeting delineates the separate clothing departments in their stores, while a wall filled with video screens, each displaying something different, lends excitement to an otherwise average clothing display.

  Tanner's Extermination Services (by dUm)

  Tanner's Extermination Services is just what it sounds like, an extermination service. They can help you get rid of all kinds of vermin.  Tanner's always have a ready supply of various poisons, ranging from normal pesticides to customized synthetic poisons. Tanner's always keep a strict log of their poison use, so that all can be accounted for.  Tanner's has never been linked to any of the numerous poisoning accidents or suicides in sectors that they operate, and despite a low media profile, Tanner's is doing quite well, and has a quite satisfied circle of clients.

  Twilight Delight (by dUm)

  A variety of twisted art objects, articles of clothing and other bizarre perversions line the walls of this cave like shop. Fake candles sparkle electronically amidst the racks of clothing, the only illumination in the entire room. Though it is not totally clear if the shop "specializes" in anything, it is quite obvious that all of the items here would not necessarily be welcome in polite company.

  You Want It, We Get It (by dUm)

  YWI,WGI is an information retrieval service, offering customers the ability to download and print out any information they want.  The company is run by a small team of dedicated programmers, database admins and technical specialists. The team works together to surf the SLA-Net looking for requested information, and mining data cache nodes in order to gain knowledge.  Customers visit the store and speak to a customer advisor, who takes a note of their request and contact details. They then browse the already collected data for matches, and provide a print out to the customer, at a surprisingly low cost.  Of course, SLA Industries looks upon this company as data thieves, and constantly tries to close the company down, meaning it has to shift premises on a regular basis. However, in the SLA-Net, the teams’ skills are almost unrivalled, and SLA's archivists have suggested employing the team.