Suburbia Restaurants & Bars

  Burgers & Beer (by Mr)

  Providing just what it says on the sign, this is a small chain of restaurants found in the suburban areas of Mort. Cheap & cheerful is the standard here with items on the menu costing just 2unis each. The beer is basic beer (no slosh), the burgers are basic 8oz of meat in a bun with a slice of processed cheese. The only variety available is to have the cheese removed, but it still costs the same.

  Caffine World (by Mr)

  A huge franchise chain of cafes where the caffeinated produce includes food as well as drink. The 'specialty coffees' have more than just flavored syrup in & are becoming increasingly popular among the frother community.
This widespread franchise of Cafes has grown rapidly over the uptown & suburbia areas of Mort during the last 2 years. Everything consumable from these cafes has been laced with high levels of caffeine; the drinks, the pastries, the sandwiches, even the sugar, everything. If characters go here regularly there is a serious risk of caffeine addiction & the withdrawal from which involves a week of migraines (Main Rule Book, page 141).
  There are many types of coffee on offer, with a bewildering array of options. It is, however, the 'house specials' which have made the franchise the success it is today. These specials include doses of drugs which according to the adverts on the vid are "to really get you going in the morning".
Alice, Bass, Beat, BlazeUV, Flip, Lumo, Pain Away, Personal Interest, Rush & Streak are all available @ Caffine World. Dosages are kept low (about 5-10minutes of mild effect), with the occasional strong dose put in by 'generous' staff. Addiction runs @ approximately one third the level of the pure drug.
  Prices vary from 3unis for a basic coffee, up to the specials @ 15unis.

  The F.A.K.K. Café (by Mr)

  A basic cafe chain found all over the W.O.P. that is no frills as far as 'spiked' products go. The food & drink is mostly of the 'industry standard' quality level & price. Many a bedraggled band of operatives have been known to sit out of the rain at these cafes.