Uptown Nightclubs


  The Water Mark (by dUm)

  The Water Mark is a nightclub with an interesting twist.  There is a huge swimming pool in the middle of the first floor and several smaller pools and jacuzzi's dot the rest of the club.
  Run by Aquaria De-Morte, the club is always busy, and all the sexy celebrities can be found there.  Its quite common to see same sex couples enjoying a skinny dip here and there. Everyone is very cool and there are separate rooms for 'getting closer' with someone.

  Club 96 (by dUm)

  Located on the 3rd floor of Fenís corporate HQ, Club 96 is the only Orientan hostess bar in the city. Established for the convenience and comfort of FEN's high-level executives, the club had immediate popularity with executives from other foreign firms. It has also enjoyed growing success with executives of other races as well.
  First and foremost, patrons consider the club a safe place to relax. The women are attractive and discreet, the drinks and food pure and real, the entertainment top notch and the atmosphere always seems to be appropriate for each patrons needs.
  The club is also known for its karaoke facilities, and its adherence to fads, like the spring water bar and oxygen bar.