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  Art as Death (by Mr)

  A specialist establishment for the more discerning operative. Art as Death deals exclusively in customizing weapons & one offs. The store itself is minimalist with the very few examples on display being mainly 'uncollected' work. While the engineering is of the highest standard it is the artistic flair that keeps the waiting list 3-4 weeks long & thatís just for an initial consultation. Prices are steep but you get what you pay for.
  Founded 4 years ago as a retirement plan by an Ebon operative named Grace, Art as Death has grown to be a favorite among operatives looking for 'that something special'. The original concept was to create stylish weapons that were pieces of art, each as individual as the client. Thereby bringing some beauty into the ugly unpleasantness & death forced upon the operative by those who oppose the order of SLA Industries.
  The small indie has grown in recognition over the years, yet still maintains a small staff of just 7 core personnel. Of these personnel 5 are founder members (including Miss Phi) who have stayed with the fledgling business through the early hard times & are now enjoying the limited fame & money that success brings.