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  Robo-Burger (by Mr)

  The Robo-Burger franchise is exactly like many others of it's kind, a completely unmanned fast-food takeout joint that allow customers to order food to go from the phone, through SLA-Net or in person talking into the drive-thru speaker system to the computer system inside the unit.  The computer is linked to an robotic chef unit that makes and distributes a line of bland burger and fries product. The food here is about as tasty and nutritious as the styrofoam packaging it comes in.  All Robo-Burger units have the same basic menu, a small, kids burger fries & drink, a standard burger fries & drink and the Jumbo burger fries & drink.

  The unit is totally self contained, and when it is serviced or re-stocked, the front paneling swings open, allowing access to the cramped storage area and mechanics inside. The computer inside alerts the central HQ of it's needs and a re-supply truck shows up within hours to bring more burgers, fries and other foodstuffs.