SLA Powersuit Upgrades

Laminated Battle Coating Cost: 250c
  Just about any of SLA's standard powersuits can incorporate this optional component. By using a special multilayer array of ceramics, plastics and metals, the armour can be modified in such a way that it limits the effect of High Explosive attacks. It provides no extra protection against normal attacks, but any attack employing an explosive shaped charge has its effectiveness (damage, armour penetration etc) halved.
Near Miss Indicator Cost:
  This miniature scanner can attach to the AV stalk of any powersuit helmet. It will only work in conjunction with a HUD or neural interface. The NMI detects the flight path of projectiles as they pass across the user's field of vision, and displays them as visible traces. This gives a bonus to any attempt to locate the source of enemy fire.
Portable Heat Sink Cost:
  The standard thermal masking, and chameleon/ECM options available for powersuits have one major drawback... They all have a limited duration of time before they start to vent waste heat, making the wearer show up like a beacon on infrared sensors. This backpack-mounted cooling device connects directly to the ECM options and doubles the duration that these devices can operate before they need to vent heat.
Radar Absorption Coating Cost:
  Many modern powersuits, especially those used by Thresher, incorporate ultra high-tech battlefield radars that are very, very accurate. As such, you can choose to have your powersuit coated in a radar absorbing material, that helps maintain a degree of stealth when facing detection by radar or imaging radar and can work in conjunction with other stealth systems such as chameleon, thermal cloaking.
Advanced Diagnostics Cost:
  This modification incorporates quite major body work and fits the powersuit with multiple redundant systems and the ability to detect and correct minor system faults. Thanks to this modification, the powersuit will be able to repair minor damage and is immune to electromagnetic attacks.
Internal Dampening Fortification Cost:
  Powersuits with this structural option have extra struts, shock dampeners, and internal hardening that lets them shake off attacks that would fell a normal piece of armour. With this modification, the powersuit pilot can ignore any concussive knockback effect from attacks.
Prehensile Appendage Cost:
  Useful for scientists, explorers, and others that have need for an extra hand, the prehensile appendage gadget is both useful... and expensive...
Essentially, this modification consists of a long flexible tube capped at the end with a grasping claw that attaches to the armourís side or back. The prehensile appendage modification essentially gives the user an additional hand with which to hold and manipulate objects. The appendage is controlled through the standard controls, but toggled via a switch. Some advanced version include a neural net, which predicts the users movements and responds accordingly, ensuring its never in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Cobra Tazer Whip Cost:
  Based on a similar design and technology to the Prehensile Appendage, the Cobra Tazer Whip is an electrified cable with embedded servomotors that are designed to wrap around the target, restricting its movement before applying a high voltage shock.
Oracle Sensor System Cost:
  Using a combination of the latest advances in thermal imaging, X-rays, and ultra-sensitive vibration sensors, the Oracle Sensor System modification enables the user of the powersuit to effectively see through solid objects. Fine details can't be picked up, but you can tell, for example, that three people are crouched behind a closed door, or that an escape tunnel runs from one building to another.
Plasma Overboost Cost:
  By disabling safeguards and shunting auxiliary power into the various sub-systems of the powersuit, his modification allows the powersuit user to alter the plasma feeds into its weapon systems in order to gain greater destructive power at the expense of accuracy.
Thruster Blast Cost:
  A switchable modification, this allows the user to redirect the various movement thrusters placed around the powersuit in order to kick up a cloud of dust and debris that obscures the battlefield. For powersuits with vectored thrust systems, such as the Silverback, this modification, when used, alters the flight path based on where you're aiming your exhaust.
Cobalt Safety Suite Cost:
This modification combines standard powersuit sensor systems with an advanced heuristic collision avoidance system, enhanced pilot restraints, and a series of adrenal auto-injectors for the pilot.
Survivor Escape Pod Cost:
The Survivor escape pod system requires extensive rebuilding of the powersuit, and often the cost of the work is prohibitively expensive. When activated, it jettisons the powersuits control cockpit and pilot from the rest of the armour (typically because the powersuit is about to be destroyed). The pod itself features small manoeuvrability jets, that allow the pilot to fly it under some degree of control. 35 seconds after it is jettisoned it runs out of fuel, landing or crashing as appropriate.