Alcoholic Beverages

  While Contract Killers and high SCL operatives may hang out in the many bars and clubs of Mort Central, sipping fine wines and fancy named cocktails like 'Angel Wings', lesser op's have to make do with the rough and ready drinks available in the multitude of Downtown bars.  Other than the weak flat beers that are universally sold all across Downtown, very few drinks can be found in most bars, but here are a selection that are roving reporters have found in most sectors.

  Heaven 'n' Hell

  Probably the most 'Uptown' of all Downtown drinks, Heaven 'n' Hell typically mixes a sweet liquor with a harder, rougher, and definitely stronger spirit such as whiskey. The sweet edge masks the taste of both flavors and gives rise to the Heaven part of the name, but seconds later, the full force of the harder spirit can be felt, often with a powerful throat burning sensation, hence the Hell name.  Some daring gangers have taken to downing as much of the half liter bottles that Heaven 'n' Hell is commonly found in, until they pass out or throw up. The one who survives the longest is declared the winner... our reporters didn't hang around long enough to find out what the prize was.

  Back Breaker

  While most lagers and bitters sold in Downtown are weak and watery, Back Breaker holds the record for strength. Brewed in a variety of different sector, but using the same common ingredients, the only variety in taste and strength comes form the various water sources. Back Breaker was launched onto an unsuspecting crowd of drinkers nearly 3 years ago, and has swiftly established itself as the most popular drink amongst Clan McHamish Frothers. The 400th anniversary of the clans founding saw bars across Downtown sell out of the drink as the clans members descending to various parties.

  Cranium Implosion

  When a drink gives a Frother a raging hangover, you know its going to be strong... Cranium Implosion lives up to its name, providing a skull splitting feeling after a single drink. Those foolish enough to carry on drinking it are often found a few days later in the seedy backstreet clinics, still hung-over, covered in vomit, urine and other such bodily fluids, and often minus a few organs. One of our reporters ensures me that this experience is 'life-changing'.

  Mind Slammer

  Whereas Cranium Implosion seeks to give you the feeling of you brain being destroyed, Mind Slammer, a drink by the same company, simply seeks to get you drunk with no adverse effects.  The drink itself is available in a variety of different flavors, there are enough so that even the most picky of tastes will be accommodated, and is mixed with a cocktail of drugs that flush the alcohol ketones out of the drinkers bloodstream before they can adversely effect their mental capacity.  Of course, this benefit doesn't come cheap, and Mind Slammer is one of the most expensive drinks available in Downtown.

  Melted Bullets

  Only one of our reporters was brave enough to try this drink, though almost all of them reported that it, or a similar alternative, was available in every sector visited.  There seem to be two main variants of the drink, but after consultation with the manufacturers, we can assure you that they are all the same brand.  Melted bullets is a neat alcohol, and if drunk without a mixer will probably kill.  To add to this extreme taste, the manufacturers place a live bullet into every bottle.  The alcohol begins to act immediately, literally dissolving the bullets casing, and distributing the gunpowder particles into the liquid.  The metallic fragments score tiny cuts in the drinkers throat, increasing the alcohol uptake when swallowed, while the gunpowder gives the already incredibly strong drink a spicy 'kick'. Not for the faint hearted...