MJL Raptor

  MJL is not one to sit on their butts while other companies attempt to dominate the weapons market.  In response, they released the Raptor.  This knife, designed as a potent backup weapon, boasts the typical powered blade you've come to expect from MJL.  The real surprise is the .10 Gauge shotgun shell waiting to go off.  A port in the blade acts as the "barrel", and can make for rather a spectacular mess if you fire it while the blade is buried in someone.  The round is reloaded by removing the backend of the knife.
  Battery life is 1500 hours.  The Raptor can only use pistol shotgun rounds.
  Damage PEN AD Weight Cost  
Raptor 4 2 1 1kg 120c  

  If the wielder achieves a 20 on the attack roll, then he has achieved a proper
stab and can fire the shotgun round (provided the attack penetrated the armor).
  The shotgun inflicts damage dependent upon the type of round used.  The target
also receives two wounds.