CAF Emperor

Design by Rad

  CAF has been seeing lackluster sales with its P50 pistol since 900SD.  CAF hit the drawing boards and came up with a new pistol, and sales have never been better.  The Emperor uses a newly designed frame, still using the CAF round, but has a few improvements over the P50.  Forward of the trigger guard is a housing for a combination flashlight and laser painter, which is perfect for the standard household with little firearms training.  The left side of the slide has a power indicator to show how much battery life is left for the flashlight and painter.  The Emperor also carries a slightly larger clip as well.
  Since the Emperor hit the selves, the public has loved it, and CAF has noticed even a few operatives purchasing the weapon as a backup.
  Clip Caliber ROF Recoil Range Weight Cost
Emperor 12 CAF 1 2 10m .5 200u