Specialized Shotgun Ammo

  12 Gauge

  The 12 gauge shotgun cartridge is the smallest of those currently available, and therefore is one of the weakest. It is only available in the standard Blank, Slug and Scattershot loads. While users of this gauge find that their ammunition is cheaper and more widely available, they tend to also find that it lacks stopping power when they truly need it.

  10 Gauge

  For most people, this heavier gauge shotgun cartridge is more suitable, and more useful. The Scattershot loads contain larger pellets, which add to its stopping power, and the availability of custom loads, such as the popular Dragonsbreath cartridge, means that the majority of agents will eventually switch to a shotgun that takes 10 gauge cartridges.

  8 Gauge (Lung Blower)

  When you need all the stopping power you can get, and you want it in a single shot, then you know its time to switch to an 8 gauge shotgun.  Currently, only the Tactical Armaments Lung Blower heavy shotgun takes this size of cartridge, but oh boy, does it make a difference. Like the 10 gauge, this cartridge is available in a variety of custom loads for the discerning shotgun user, nearly all of which make nice large holes in your target.


  The shotgun Blank is designed like a scatter shot shell and is packed with the same amount of powder and pellet separators. The only difference is that the shell does not contain any pellets, making it non-lethal. At point blank range, the shell still inflicts a minor wound.


  Slug (Steel Penetrator)

  This is a machined steel slug, shaped like a very large pistol round, which is capable of penetrating a quarter inch of solid steel. It is extremely effective against armour and soft-targets alike. It has a stable trajectory and is vast improvement over previous slug designs.



  Scattershot shells can be had at any hunting store, and even some department stores. A scattershot shell contains between 15 to 20 lead pellets and can deliver a devastating blast a close range. Over a short distance, a scattershot round quickly loses its energy and is ineffective other than as a suppressant.



  Birdshot shells are extremely similar to scattershot shells. Birdshot shells contain at least 40 small lead pellets. Birdshot shells are designed to expand quickly over a short distance and are most effective as an area suppression round. At point blank range, a birdshot round is extremely powerful and can strip away armour.


  Jungle Mixer

Originally designed for use in jungle and woodland environments, recent testing has found that Jungle Mixer rounds are great for use in urban areas and home defence. The combination of several large pellets surrounded by a mass of smaller pellets allows for double punching power to any intruder that is unlucky enough to cross the shells path. If the big pellets donít get your target, the small ones will!



  Entering the ammunition market at a fragile time, the Pitbull shotgun shell seeks to address the balance between the accuracy of a slug, and the damage profile of shot. The 10 gauge round is packed with 6 heavy duty lead pellets, that have a low spread pattern, and a high stopping power.



  While most shotgun rounds have their origins in the shells traditionally used by hunters and sportsmen, this 10 gauge round has been designed for one purpose, anti-personnel use. The shell is packed with dozens of razor sharp steel tacks and irregular shards of metal, that blast out at high velocity, virtually guarantying that there will be no response from your target. Each round is backed up with a layer of fine shot thus creating a double shock to the wound area.



  The lethality contained within the hollow core slug of the 10 gauge Chainmail round cannot, officially, be advertised. Upon impact, this slug mushrooms and expands to nearly 2 inches, stopping the slug from totally penetrating your objective. This rapid expansion forces the dozen of tiny pellets packed into the round to spread through your objective like a cancerous disease, opening an area at the impact point equal to a tennis ball! Statistics show that only 10% of any living being can survive this kind of hit.


  Double Slug

  One shot, two hits! With this round you double the punch, the impact and the chance of hitting your target all in one shot! This 10 gauge round is loaded with two slugs (each is slightly smaller than a single traditional slug). The recoil is a little heavier than a standard slug load, but then again, so are the results! At 20 meters the two slugs will strike your objective about 5 centimeters apart.



  Flechettes are small dart shaped projectiles, that are clustered together and fired from a hand held weapon. One unique application of this design is to load the darts into a 10 gauge round, and use them for taking out snipers hiding in thick brush or trees. Due to the penetration of these projectiles, branches and leaves do not disperse the darts. Even if some were dispersed, this would still have an all-covering pattern within a tree or brush. Generally 20 of these darts are placed in each shell.



  This 10 gauge round is effective for blowing out door locks, door hinges and dead bolts. This special shotgun shell has a payload of compressed powdered glass that strikes the target with devastating force, instantly abrading and wrecking the internal workings of the target object, thus allowing locks and bolts to slide freely.



  The Knocker round is a 10 gauge slug round, that has been adapted for breaching purposes, and that can also be used in a less-than-lethal role. The standard slug has been replaced with a soft point version, which mushrooms on impact, and is designed to deliver a large amount of kinetic energy to a localised area, primarily for blowing open locked doors. The rounds range has been vastly reduced, making it unusable in a tactical situation beyond point blank range. The concussive effect of the soft point slug impacting will force any hinged item open, will shatter many hardened objects and will cause significant knockback and bruising to living targets.



  A somewhat dangerous round, the Dragonsbreath shell is a tightly packed shell containing fuel (generally a magnesium compound) and a small ignition device. The force produced by firing the shell ruptures the fuel supply and activates the ignition device, resulting in a confined flame burst lasting a few seconds. Luckily, the speed and direction of the shell firing means the flame is produced literally at the end of the barrel.


  Sky Burst

  This ammo was originally designed under contract for the Shivers. They needed a round they could shoot at drug runners as a warning shot and this is what was developed. The round is designed to trace bright red out of the barrel and then at 50 meters it will detonate in mid air with a bright flash and loud bang. It can also be used as a regular incendiary tracer shell, and if the round hits something before it goes the full 50 meters it will detonate the incendiary round upon impact.



  The Slapshot shotgun round is a nylon bag filled with sand or other fine powder, which on impact does minimal damage to the target. It is basically designed to stun, frighten, or temporarily impair the target.  It can kill if used improperly, and is extremely painful, capable of leaving a severe bruise or even breaking a bone if it hits just right.



  Another less-than-lethal shotgun shell, the Nightcap uses principles learnt from the design of the slapshot round to deliver a small wadding soaked in knockout drugs. Unfortunately, the uptake of the drug is slow and only effective against bare flesh, meaning the instant knockout effects of the drug are not guaranteed.



  A shotgun shell that will bring tears to your eyes. This 10 gauge less-than-lethal round spreads a blast of irritant directly from the barrel of your gun, disabling your target and allowing you to get away or take control of the situation.


  Rubber Rocket

  This round is currently rated as "the most accurate and effective less-than-lethal round."  The round consists of a rubber projectile, shaped like a rocket, that allows escalation of force from a safe distance prior to use of lethal means.  The rocket, with a stabilized firing pattern, produces controlled and directed incapacitation by blunt impact trauma and excruciating pain, and is ideal for taking down a stationary threat.



  Based on the same less-than-lethal principles as the Rubber Rocket, the Tri-Dent consists of 3 heavy duty rubber balls, that are suitable the use against a single target, regardless of whether it is moving or not.  While it lacks the same amount of energy transfer as the rubber rocket, a successful hit from a single ball should produce enough blunt impact trauma to slow down the target.


  Hornets Nest

  A less-than-lethal version of the standard scattershot round, this shell contains 18 light rubber balls, which give a tactical engagement range of 10 to 20 metres against crowds or moving targets. The stinging effect caused by a successful hit is designed to result in the target exhibiting behaviour modifications such as retreating away, immediate response to issued commands.



  Thunderclaps are there for when you need to be heard in an emergency or other situations. This 150+ decibel noise maker gives you the comfort of knowing that you will be heard. These 10 gauge rounds, filled with black powder, are blanks on steroids, with the added benefit of a concussive effect to rival most dedicated less-than-lethal options.



  The Bloodsplatter round has been designed exclusively for SLA operatives who are working undercover. Its less-than-lethal nature means it can be used confidently against fellow operatives without risk, and the added bonus of a high level of knockback, and fake blood splatter, means that your cover should never be blown.

  Lightning Bolt

  With the increasing use of Hotline round's and 'shock-enabled' equipment, it was never going to be a long time before an ammunition company developed a shotgun round capable of providing a shock to the target.  The round itself acts like a lightweight slug, with negligible penetration, but if it hits, it conducts a large charge of electricity into the target.


  Sometimes, targets are required to be captured alive and unhurt. To this end, the Wire round was designed. Compressed tightly into the shotgun shells is a wire bola with small specially designed counterweights.  Exiting the barrel, the wire expands and upon hitting a surface will wrap itself around the target.